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Since 2011, CheerConditioning.Academy (CCA) has become the go-to resource cheer conditioning, sports performance, pom dance fitness & recreational cheerleading. In January 2019 we launched our new module-based certifications, giving the opportunity to cheer coaches & coaching assistants to further their education through an interactive e-learning experience.


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Boost your cheer coaching knowledge and your coaching resume with our individual course modules. Each one of our 12 modules course contains selected readings, videos, a workbook, and online quiz. For each course module you complete, you will get a "CCA Certified" PDF certificate to print and download. Modules are released monthly from January 2019.​


PRICE: Included in CCA Membership
REQUIREMENTS & ELIGIBILITY:  Available to all CCA Coach Members. Please note that our certifications are not a replacement for cheer coaching credentialing, but that they serve as a  valuable continuing education programme for existing coaches and coaching assistants.



After completing 11 individual modules - complete the CCA12 module (full course overview) to receive the physical, "CheerConditioning.Academy GOLD Certificate". Once completed the overview quiz, the CCA Gold Certificate is sent to you by post, in physical form, with the official CCA seal to certify you are a CCA Certified Coach! 


PRICE: Included in CCA Membership
REQUIREMENTS & ELIGIBILITY: Available to all CCA Coach Members who have completed all previous 11 modules. Please note that our certifications are not a replacement for cheer coaching credentialing, but that they serve as a valuable continuing education programme for existing coaches and coaching assistants.



For coaches who want to run official CCA classes: INTENSITY™ Cheer Conditioning and CHEER PRO™ Dance Fitness classes, we offer full CCA Training & Licensing options for you and your staff members:

  • INTENSITY™ Cheer Conditioning (video & theory test required)

  • CHEER PRO™ Dance Fitness (video & theory test required)


PRICE: $249 Per Certification

  • You must be a qualified cheer coach, dance or fitness instructor over the age of 18

  • You must first successfully complete the CCA Gold Certification before starting our INTENSITY or CHEER PRO modules. If you have an existing certification in fitness, cheerleading or dance, the CCA modules will be a great refresher to your existing knowledge and allow you to complete the certification with less time.

  • An active CCA Membership, acting as a license, is required to run official classes under the CheerConditioning.Academy name.

Become a CCA Member to access all our modules & certifications,  unlimited videos, packed with resources for cheer coaches and athletes!

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MISSION: CheerConditioning.Academy is committed to quality coaching education for the sport of cheerleading and beyond. Whether you are a recreational, sideline, school or all-star cheer team: our mission is to maximise your potential through quality education, cheer-specific sports performance, fitness and conditioning. #BodyBeforeSkill 

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CCA Cheer Coach Certifications