12-15 hrs online study + practical

This practical course module is the first step of our graduate certification. After passing the theory review for modules CCA1-9, you will take part in the live zoom session with our Academy Director and tutors to take a deep dive into movement technique. It puts you, the coach, in the centre of the action by learning and practicing fundamental movement and the right techniques to teach and demonstrate conditioning. In this course module, you will explore the main body issues, and how to correct them and learn to identify correct and incorrect movement.

INCLUDES: Reading, workbook, practical video submission (INTENSITY + BBS Stretch demonstration), practical review and feedback, live zoom session with CCA Program Director, Course Certificate (digital)


All modules CCA1-9 & REVIEW QUIZ completed before the yearly submission deadline. Applicant holds a valid coaching certification. INCLUDED IN GRADUATION PROGRAM FEES.

When you complete this practical course module, you will be able to:  

  • Describe the terms biomechanics, kinesiology, and name the elements of movement 

  • Consider kinesiology, movement principles and biomechanics when implementing conditioning

  • Recall the types and uses of a wide variety of training techniques for athletic development 

  • Instruct and demonstrate correct posture, stance, with the relevant muscle engagement 

  • Discuss the function of core training and its effects on stability

  • Explain and demonstrate correct core, upper body, and lower body engagement  

  • Describe typical deficiencies of the core, upper body and lower body during skill, offer corrections and safely demonstrate exercises or stretches to improve the targeted areas

  • Describe, recognise and correct incorrect movements and technique

  • Describe the notion of corrective conditioning, and when to refer an athlete to a movement specialist or professional sports therapist

  • Demonstrate correct technique when performing movement and conditioning demonstration

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Accredited coaching development for cheerleading coaches

Since 2011, CheerConditioning.Academy (CCA) has become the go-to resource cheer conditioning, sports performance, pom dance fitness & recreational cheerleading. When you register to become a member of CheerConditioning.Academy you can access monthly short courses for your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and work your way to our graduation course program, where you receive the USCCE Accredited Certificate.

Fundamental Movement & Conditioning Technique

CheerConditioning.Academy courses are not a replacement for cheer coaching credentialing, but they serve as a  valuable continuing education programme  (CPD) for existing coaches and coaching assistants. Please speak with your event provider, insurance, governing body or your federation to check your credentialing requirements. 

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click image to download official USCCE press release

Accreditation through USCCE

United States Centre for Coaching Excellence


We are proud to announce the world’s first officially accredited Continued Professional Development Courses for cheerleading education via online learning. 


Through The United States Center for Coaching Excellence (USCCE), Cheer Conditioning Academy has successfully accredited its coaching education program under the USCCE’s National Committee for Accreditation of Coaching Education (NCACE) receiving Domain Specific Level 3 accreditation for Physical Conditioning and Teaching and Communication.


The NCACE accreditation reviewers noted that the program was “very comprehensive and thorough”, provided “quality on-line instruction for coaches”, and delivered “positive and proactive training”.  Through this accreditation process, NCACE ensures that the program adheres to the characteristics of excellence as prescribed by SHAPE America’s National Standards for Sport Coaches. 




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