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Body Before Skill: Sports Performance for Cheerleading

The body knows no difference between a recognised sport at the olympics or what we do. All it cares about is the two and a half minutes and the months of gruelling training it goes through. All the body wants is to find the right balance between being pushed to a peak without being pushed beyond its capable of. 


BODY BEFORE SKILL: SPORTS PERFORMANCE FOR CHEERLEADING is THE sports performance and conditioning reference book for cheerleading coaches. in narrative style, for all coaches who want to dig into a deeper understanding of their sport and how to make the most of their athlete's potential. The book is written by Jessica Zoo in collaboration with Debbie Love, Jeff Benson, Sahil M, Matt Goldberg, Elise Wilson, Rachel B Perkins with illustrations by Corey Stone. 

WORKOUTS & E-LEARNING #BodyBeforeSkill is more than just a book: it is our mission. It's the foundation that CheerConditioning.Academy is built on. When you join the CCA as a member, you can access our enriched e-learning #BodyBeforeSkill library - including instructional videos, workouts and poster downloads.

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About the author:  Jessica Zoo | CCA Founder

Jessica Zoo has poured over 8 years of study and applied research of sports science & fitness into creating the CheerConditioning.Academy for cheerleading athletes and coaches, after having coached cheerleading and fitness in the UK & Europe for 12 years. Jessica's techniques are known for being highly motivational and deliver rapid results. Body Before Skill represents the mission and foundation of the CheerConditioning.Academy philosophy; helping cheerleaders to reach their potential through increased power, strength, flexibility and stamina. Contributors to the book and to CheerConditioning.Academy resources include cheer industry experts such as Jeff Benson, Coach Sahil M. and Debbie Love - to bring you an unparalleled program that empowers coaches and athletes to reach their peak. Jessica’s wish is to leave no stone unturned and discover the WHY behind cheer training and athleticism, encouraging coaches to develop their knowledge and to strive for a growth mindset.

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