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Since 2011, CheerConditioning.Academy (CCA) has become the go-to resource cheer conditioning, sports performance, pom dance fitness & recreational cheerleading. When you register to become a member of CheerConditioning.Academy you can access an entire catalog of short courses for your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) as a cheer coach, and work your way to our CCA GOLD Certification (by completing 12 individual short courses).

Our courses are not a replacement for cheer coaching credentialing, but that they serve as a  valuable continuing education programme for existing coaches and coaching assistants. Please speak with your event provider, insurance provider, governing body or your federation to check your credentialing requirements. 


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MISSION: CheerConditioning.Academy is committed to quality coaching education for the sport of cheerleading and beyond. Whether you are a recreational, sideline, school or all-star cheer team: our mission is to maximise your potential through quality education, cheer-specific sports performance, fitness and conditioning. #BodyBeforeSkill 

CheerConditioning.Academy is an independent entity and is not affiliated with Varsity Spirit, LLC or its products or services, including Cheerobics