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The body & skill optimisation method that turns you into a SUPERHUMAN

It all started with cheerleading, but our BODY BEFORE SKILL™ journey has taken us far beyond the pompoms. BODY BEFORE SKILL™ Fitness (BBS for short) is a foundation training method for all Superhumans: anyone who wants to use fitness to develop physical skill or takes part in strength and agility-based activities such as dance, gymnastics, tumbling, circus, stunt or acro. 

The BODY BEFORE SKILL™  Training Method was developed by combining knowledge and techniques from a variety of fields including gymnastics, ballet, pilates, calisthenics, yoga, martial arts, movement science, sports performance, stunt, cheerleading and is constantly evolving to explore real-life superpowers:

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MOVE Fitness should be FUNctional, effective, skill-specific and help your body to perform at its best!
OPTIMISE Perfect your fundamental movements and optimize your body to improve your performance. 
POWER Add strength, speed, and stamina to push your skills further. 
DRILL Break down and drill body positions before putting your skills together
STRETCH Develop flexibility, mobility and eccentric strength to supersize your moves and reduce injury.

From fun warm-up routines, dynamic stretching, muscle activation, conditioning games, corrective movement, weight training, body-weight training, HIIT routines, and flexibility  - we know you'll love our workouts and guides.. even more so when you see the results! BodyBeforeSkill Fitness™  is suitable for all ages and levels, from complete beginners to seasoned athletes and coaches.  

BBS Fitness™ is perfect for all fitness, skill levels and age groups who love cheer, dance, gymnastics, tumbling, stunt, acro, or just want a fun new way to work out and develop an athletic body ready to tackle any skill. When you sign up as a member of CheerConditioning.Academy, you can access:

  • BBS Flexibility workout guides

  • BBS Athlete Guide: Nutrition, Body  Mind

  • BBS Handstand workout & guide

  • BBS Tumbling Circuit Drills

  • BBS Partner Conditioning games

  • BBS Learning Lab videos

  • Additional access to our INTENSITY™ and CHEER PRO™ video workout series 

  • COACHES: you can access our entire BBS Knowledge Base and certifications included in your membership. 

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BBS is great for anyone looking to develop skill & ability

through fitness, play, and improved body awareness


GYMNASTICS & TUMBLING: build strong foundations for tumbling and gymnastic skills through games, drill conditioning and strengthening your flexibility game!


DANCE & SPORT AEROBICS: Develop speed, technique, explosiveness, and endurance for dance-based sports.


ACRO, CHEER & STUNT: Acrobatic sports and stunts are our specialties: learn to optimize your skills and develop through sport-specific drills and training.


BEGINNERS: If you love acrobatic or dance-based activities but you have no idea where to start, it's the perfect foundation to develop a love of fitness and athletic ability.

ATHLETES: If you already take part in dance, cheer, acro or any other form or gymnastic or dance-based sport, our BBS Fitness series and guides will help you develop your competitive edge and maximize your athletic ability.

COACHES: Access our entire learning-base including articles, videos and our module certifications included in your membership. From essential fitness knowledge to poster download and tons of sports coaching toolkits, you have come to the right place!

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