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Online cheerdance & fitness course for coaches, dancers & team leaders

With over 5 million Youtube views, Grand Championship & National titles, TV and magazine features on the Dr. Oz Show, American Fitness, USCCE Accreditations and endorsements from the cheer industry's top coaches and experts: CheerConditioning.Academy is proud to relaunch its cheerdance & fitness training courses in 2020 for coaches and team leaders.


The CHEER PRO™ Coaches Course for cheerleading dance & fitness teaches the foundation technique for training cheerleading dance, pom and sideline cheerleading through a fun recreational fitness approach. Boost your teaching and leadership skills, choreography, performances and recreational cheerleading. Use our routine choreography for sideline cheer, pep rallies and fundraising opportunities.

CHEER PRO™ - Cheerdance & Fitness Course
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  1. INTRODUCTION & WORKBOOK | Get to know the course structure, the goals of the course as well as the legal responsibilities of a cheerleading coach. Download & print the course workbook. 

  2. MOTION TECHNIQUE| Learn the 5 Ps of motion technique, the basic cheerleading dance moves and a drill to remember the eight essential cheerleading motions. 

  3. LEARNING & TEACHING SEQUENCES | Learn some moves as well as the basic principles of fitness, and teaching using the ETM cueing method.

  4. CHOREOGRAPHY & PERFORMANCE | Learn how to use cheerleading dance technique and routine structure to lead your team in performing cheerleading dance routines for performances, sideline and pom dance. 

  5. PLANNING YOUR SEASON| From warmup to cool down, learn to structure activities and sessions for all ages and occasions: classes, practices or parties!

  6. LEGAL & SAFETY | Go through basic safety requirements before you can start teaching cheer dance sessions in your area.

  7. CHEER DANCE & ROUTINES  | Learn cheerleading dance & fitness routines to lead your team. 

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GREAT FOR: Coaches, team leaders, teachers & fitness instructors looking for cheer dance coaching resources, choreography ideas and cheer-specific fitness and training.
INCLUDES: Exam fees, video feedback & certificate
FEES: Course Fees + $150.00
REGISTER: 30st June
& 30st November 


  1. ONLINE QUIZ | Take the online quiz to certify the knowledge you have learned throughout the course.

  2. ZOOM WORKSHOP | The certification includes a Zoom workshop with CCA founder & Academy Director Jessica Zoo Christensen - taking you through all of the steps and tips to become a pro team leader with CHEER PRO!

  3. SUBMIT YOUR VIDEOS | Submit your demonstration video performing a beginner CHEER PRO™ cheerleading dance routine with cueing to showcase your ability to demonstrate correct motion, movement and timing techniques. Includes two video submission: preparation and final exam (5 min each).

  4. FEEDBACK | After submitting your first video, our tutoring team will give you personalised feedback to improve your technique and ensure you pass your practical exam with ease!

  5. CERTIFICATE | A tutor will review your video submission before you can download and print your CHEER PRO™ certificate!

  6. GRADUATE PROFILE  | As a CHEER PRO Graduate, you become part of the CCA family! You/your team will have your profile featured on our Instagram account and our website. 

REQUIREMENTS: The online course is available to anyone above the age of 16 interested in learning to lead cheerleading dance and fitness. The certification It is not a replacement for a cheerleading coach qualification, dance or fitness certification. For your coaching activities to be included in your insurance policy, you need to comply with your local/employment requirements. 

TERMS OF USE: This online course takes you through practical, theoretical and technical elements of the CHEER PRO™ training program to help you lead your team through fitness and cheerleading dance activities. The certification does not grant a license or use of the proprietary CHEER PRO™ Dance Fitness or CheerConditioning.Academy brand. Licensing opportunities for the use of our marks and formats are exclusively reserved for our MASTER TRAINER coaches. 

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Goals of the CHEER PRO™ training program:

Increase participation in cheerleading and make it accessible to a broader audience through recreational cheerleading and fitness

Develop a strong foundation of basic technique for cheerleading dance, pom and sideline cheerleading through the BODY BEFORE SKILL method

Develop a positive, empowering approach to the meaning of having a “cheerleader body” - focusing more about how the body performs and feels, as opposed to what it looks like


Offer coaches and teams an additional revenue stream through performances and fitness classes that benefit the entire community

The CHEER PRO™ Coaching Course is great for:

COACHES: Our training course will give you all the confidence, moves, techniques and routines to boost your cheerdance & sideline team performances 

PRO CHEERLEADERS: Our skill-specific training methods, workouts, drills, techniques and knowledge of cheer dance will catapult you to the top at the next tryouts


DANCE TEACHERS: If you're looking at adding cheerleading as one of your dance disciplines or just for a one-off show or season, our online training course and routines are just for you.


FITNESS INSTRUCTORS: We are pioneers of blending Exercise to Music with fun cheerdance routines and workouts. Our training courses will get you to shake your pompoms like there's no tomorrow! 


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