CHEER PRO™ Dance & Fitness training videos are for all fitness, skill levels and age groups with a variety of cheer dance routines. Access the full playlist with your CheerConditioning.Academy membership. Coaches can also take our worldwide online training course

The CHEER PRO™ Dance & Fitness training programme includes:​

  • Cheer dance fitness workout videos

  • Cheer dance choreography tutorials

  • Pom dance technique & drill videos

  • Fun cheer dance routines to great songs

  • Stretch & flexibility videos

  • Learn basic & advanced cheerleading moves

  • Online training for coaching cheerdance & fitness

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Cheer dance online training: fitness, flexibility & choreography

CHEER PRO™ Dance & Fitness is the cheer dance training video series by CheerConditioning.Academy - as seen on Dr Oz, Fox News, Elle, Sky News, Grazia, Cosmopolitan, with a large Youtube following and participating in countless fitness events worldwide. With our unique cheer dance workouts you will also learn the foundation technique for pom dance and sideline cheerleading while you have tons of fun! CHEER PRO™  routines are easy to learn in very little time. Work out at home or use our cheer dance routines for classes and performances.

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CHEER PRO™ Dance Fitness is great for:


BEGINNERS: a fun, active way to start your cheer dance journey!


CHEER DANCERS: Improve your pom & sideline dance skills with these fun workouts you can do at home!


COACHES: Ready-to go cheer dance routines & workouts for your team and pom dance

routines for displays, pep rallies and sideline cheer!


RETIRED CHEERLEADERS: You may have retired from cheer, but you can still love to shake your

pompoms, now you can do it at home while you also work on your fitness!


CHEER DANCE FANS: Anyone who just want to shake their pompoms, have fun and keep fit!


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