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Body & skill optimisation workout for cheerleaders


The INTENSITY™ Cheer Conditioning is the body and skill transformation workout series by CCA that has taken the international cheer community by storm since 2015: receiving 5 star reviews by cheerleaders and coaches worldwide. It is a fun, structured intense cheer fitness series choreographed to great music. It's been designed to target procedural memory and skill development for cheerleaders to push your abilities, develop motor skills, power, speed & endurance and technique.

Cheer Fitness Workout

The INTENSITY™ fitness series includes:

  • INTENSITY 1, 2, 3 & 4 - high intensity cardio training with cheer-specific drills

  • STRENGTH - functional strength conditioning specific to cheer skills

  • POWER - speed and strength combined to develop power of cheer skills

  • POINT - leg extension and footwork training to improve skill technique

  • FLEX - all-round deep stretch routine for improved mobility and flexibility

INTENSITY™ helps cheerleaders to:

  • Be leaner, faster, stronger

  • Improve your resistance to performing 2.5min full out routines

  • Drill & perfect techniques for jump, tumble, stunt and dance

  • Be more flexible and agile

  • Be less prone to injuries

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CHEERLEADERS: a tailored conditioning at-home or class program to transform your

body and skills for maximum athletic performance

COACHES: Looking for ready-made cheer fitness, conditioning and drills for your teams

NEWCOMERS: to build a strong foundation of technique, strength, power and endurance

before jumping into being part of a team and more demanding skills


RETIRED CHEERLEADERS: you may have retired from cheer, but you can still use your stamina,

 skills and technique to keep your fitness levels sharp if you're no longer with a team


GENERAL PUBLIC: who want to know what it's like to have a cheerleader body!

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