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CheerDance for Beginners

Cheer dance (whether it's pom, allstar, college, or pro cheer) share the same foundation of technique and it's what makes cheerleading so iconic: strong powerful. Cheer dancers have many qualities, but you'll notice the most their body awareness, flexibility, strong arm motions and agility.


  • Always follow the 5 Ps of Arm Motion Technique: PUNCH, POWER, POSITION, PATHWAY and POSTURE. Check out our videos for tutorials.

  • Hit the count ON the beat, like you are playing the drums or a dance video game!

  • Be aware of your centre of gravity so that you can pull of harder skills

  • Work on flexibility DAILY! Flexibility needs to be done on a daily basis (unlike strength or endurance) for you to see improvements.

  • Point your toes to extend your limbs with power and clean lines.

  • Train your team to perfection by ensuring everyone's angles and technique is exactly the same throughout.

  • You're performing as a team but you want to perform like you want to outshine everyone else, to really bring that energy out.

Want help achieving these goals? Sign up as a CheerConditioning.Academy member to access unlimited videos, workouts, training plans, tips, tutorials and be part of our #BodyBeforeSkill community!

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