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Cheer Tips for Jumps

Jumps require POWER. Power is a combination of SPEED AND STRENGTH. So what are the most important things you need to focus on to get first row jumps?


  • The highest jumps are achieved through mastering TRIPLE EXTENSION:

    • Standing up with the hips and knees

    • Finishing off with a flick from the ankles through to the toes

  • A great jump starts with the prep:

    • Slight bend in your knees

    • Swing your arms down and behind

    • Stand up tall and hit that TRIPLE EXTENSION!

    • Hit your motion and shape at the highest point of your jump

    • Remember to push your arms down legs back to the start position before landing on the floor again!

  • Team jump timing is a bit off? Remember there is a whole count to land, dip and swing the arms before launching off again. If it looks like you're using the floor as a trampoline, slow it down and pause at the bottom.

  • Even the most flexible cheerleaders need to work on their jump power to be able to hit pretty shapes in the air!

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