8-12 hrs online study + quiz

An introduction to the sport of cheerleading, how it evolved, the dangers of our sport and the correct actions we can take to make it safer, basic principles and terminologies of sports performance and conditioning and the BODY BEFORE SKILL Training Method and overall mission. You will also get started with an immediate applicable activity to plan an effective cheer practice, so you can start coaching with a difference right away!

INCLUDES: Workbook, reading materials, videos, quiz, certificate (digital format), access to CCA video library & resources

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1 credit (included in 1 month of CCA coach membership)

When you complete this course module, you will be able to: 

  • Understand the aim and topic module from the CCA Certification, and how together they form a comprehensive approach to coaching cheerleading as a sport 

  • Understand how to go through and complete each module 

  • Understand how cheerleading evolved into the sport it is known as today 

  • Describe the #BodyBeforeSkill mission and how you can apply this to your coaching 

  • Answer the question ‘Is Cheerleading a sport’? with a factual, measured response 

  • Name the types of cheerleading, how they differ and are related to one another 

  • Explain the term ‘athletic exposure’ and how they are calculated and classified 

  • Name the majority causes of cheerleading injuries and the basic guidelines for prevention 

  • Name and explain the three phases of learning 

  • Describe how motor skills are acquired by the body

  • Explain the concept of the ‘360 athlete’ and what it requires 

  • Explain how planning your coaching sessions thoughtfully can increase your team’s progress 

  • Explain how talent and training work together to build successful athlete

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Accredited coaching development for cheerleading coaches

Since 2011, CheerConditioning.Academy (CCA) has become the go-to resource cheer conditioning, sports performance, pom dance fitness & recreational cheerleading. When you register to become a member of CheerConditioning.Academy you can access monthly short courses for your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and work your way to our graduation course program, where you receive the USCCE Accredited Certificate.

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Introduction to Sports Performance & Conditioning

CheerConditioning.Academy courses are not a replacement for cheer coaching credentialing, but they serve as a  valuable continuing education programme  (CPD) for existing coaches and coaching assistants. Please speak with your event provider, insurance, governing body or your federation to check your credentialing requirements. 

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click image to download official USCCE press release

Accreditation through USCCE

United States Centre for Coaching Excellence


We are proud to announce the world’s first officially accredited Continued Professional Development Courses for cheerleading education via online learning. 


Through The United States Center for Coaching Excellence (USCCE), Cheer Conditioning Academy has successfully accredited its coaching education program under the USCCE’s National Committee for Accreditation of Coaching Education (NCACE) receiving Domain Specific Level 3 accreditation for Physical Conditioning and Teaching and Communication.


The NCACE accreditation reviewers noted that the program was “very comprehensive and thorough”, provided “quality on-line instruction for coaches”, and delivered “positive and proactive training”.  Through this accreditation process, NCACE ensures that the program adheres to the characteristics of excellence as prescribed by SHAPE America’s National Standards for Sport Coaches. 


Cheer Coach Certification
Cheer Coach Certification
Cheer Coach Certification
Cheer Coach Certification
Cheer Coach Certification
Cheer Coach Certification
Cheer Coach Certification
Cheer Coach Certification
Cheer Coach Certification
Cheer Coach Certification