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Cheer Tips for Backspots

Cheer backs: You drive the stunt - nothing comes down or goes up without you having a say! Back bases need incredible strength and stability overhead as you're the one that has to reach up the tallest! So what are the most important things you need to focus on?

  • Extended stunts usually require you to force the flyer's feet together to keep it pretty and stable and that takes a lot of strength and energy! 

  • The back base is responsible for catching the head of the flyer as such it is imperative you learn to catch high and slow down the descent as quickly as possible

  • Think about "pushing up" with your triceps, rather than "lifting" the flyer with your shoulders and biceps (which are smaller and weaker).

  • Back with your full body, not just your wrists.. get under that stunt with a strong stance and put your chest into it! 

  • We recommend working on handstands, pectoralis strength, tricep dip and and catch squats.

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