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Cheer Tips for Flyers

Flyers, you are the icing on the cake - on the comp floor everyone looks to you. Therefore it is your job to make the stunt look easy!


  • Flyers need to be flexible without being too weak, have strong legs to stand up fast and a rock hard core to be able to withstand the bobbles and grip changes from the bases below

  • Flyers should pay particular attention to their flexibility to be able to pull point-flyer worthy lines in the air as well as specific exercises to improve balance and stability in the ankles, knees and hips.

  • As you already know it's 10x easier to hit a stunt at practice than it is during your competition full out - that is why it is beneficial to work flyer stability exercises such as tic-tocs when the body is already under stress. In the INTENSITY™ workout series we save the stability exercises for last in order to train the body to deal with the fatigue 'shakes'.  

  • Help out your bases. Focus straight ahead as you stunt, even while the stunt is dismounting - this helps for prettier pictures but also ensures the stunt stays lifted and pops cradles hit the highest they can! you're a flyer, remember!

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