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Cheer Tips for Bases

Cheer bases: you get your flyer from A to B and back again and you make it look easy! Bases are literally olympic powerlifters with prettier outfits and we need to take your body seriously so it can deal with the demands placed on it. So what are the most important things you need to focus on?

  • Lifting stunts starts from the bottom: planting the heels, using your legs to stand up like a spring, getting airborn and using that final wrist flick to throw the flyer through the roof! 

  • Bad lifting technique or progressing too quickly will result in damage to your spine or shoulders. To keep you safe we recommend regularly training the core muscles and conditioning basic stunting skills to reinforce correct technique.

  • Sore wrists? train yourself to take the pressure away from the heel of the hand and share it with your mid-hand and fingers for lifelong basing.

  • We recommend practicing explosive squats and burpees to improve your lifting speed as well as plenty of core exercises such as planks to solidify the mid-section

  • Finish off a training session with exercises to stretch the pecs (chest) and shoulders and loosen up the lower spine by lying down and giving your knees a good hug! 

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