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Body Before Skill: Sports Performance for Cheer

Body Before Skill: Sports Performance for Cheer

The body knows no difference between a recognised sport at the olympics or what we do. All it cares about is the two and a half minutes and the months of gruelling training it goes through. All the body wants is to find the right balance between being pushed to a peak without being pushed beyond its capable of. BODY BEFORE SKILL is a brand new reference book for all coaches who want to dig into a deeper understanding of their sport and how to make the most of their athelete's potential.

  • Topics Covered

    • Coaching cheerleading as a sport
    • Dangers and injury prevention
    • Skill development
    • Strength and endurance
    • Speed & power
    • Cardiovascular fitness
    • Stability
    • Flexibility
    • Motor skills
    • Nutrition & healthy body image
    • Mind & focus
    • Cheerleading & the human body   
    • Targeted body training for skills & muscle groups
    • Making the most of cheer skills and technique
    • Implementing a workout
    • Pre-season conditioning 
    • In-season conditioning 
    • Competition season maintenance
    • Fitness progressions
  • Praise for the book

    “If your passion is to become the best coach you can be this is a must for your library. Please join me in my crusade to motivate athletes internally in a positive environment to become better athletes and people of high character and integrity." DEBBIE LOVE, USASF Hall of Fame

    "It’s like the bible for cheerleading instruction. It summarizes and applies nearly 4 years of my undergraduate education and then applies is directly to the sport that I love. It's the most comprehensive cheerleading manual that I have seen on the market.” JEFF BENSON, Sports Performance Psychologist

    "I can't imagine having had access to a program like this when I was a young coach starting out. It can literally cut years off the learning curve. It's THE institute for higher learning for cheerleading coaches. It's cheerleading college.” SHANE MONTGOMERY, Tumbling Director at ICE Allstars

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