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CCA Certifications

CCA Certifications

Congratulations - if you've been sent this link it means you have been selected to join our team at the CheerConditioning.Academy. Please select the certification option below and we have outlined the next few steps for you:


1) Purchase the certification by checking out by the deadline specified to you by email

2) Within 48 hours you will be added to the certification portal on the CCA and you will be able to access all the online materials so that you can get started on the practical aspect of the course and you 

3) You will be added to a private Facebook group with Jessica Zoo, who will be taking you through the certification process up until the class launch. She will set weekly checkpoints and activities that you can interact with the rest of the instructors who are also taking the certification at the same time as you.

4) You will receive the textbooks, workbook and physical DVD by post, please allow up to 2 weeks from the date of purchase

5) We will aim to have you pass your theory and practical exams in the same week at the end of the study ready for the class launch

6) Once you pass your exams 



  • You keep 100% of your revenue for private classes and clinics
  • For bookings and parties booked through CheerConditioning.Academy you will be paid a fixed rate of $50 an hour
  • By purchasing this course you are given 90 days complimentary membership to the CCA member portal. After this time, you will be given a 50% discount access.
  • Membership to the CCA is required to have an active license and teach classes our class formats.
  • Courses are not refundable but they are transferrable if you find a substitue instructor and you are unable to complete your training
  • As a licensed instructor, you are required to abide by the terms of the license




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