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CheerConditioning.Academy is fully dedicated to developing your cheerleading superpowers! 


Since 2009 we've specialized in cheerleading conditioning, fitness, sports performance and education. With our panel of experts, we bring you cheer conditioning workout videos, team conditioning, workout plans, skill drills, sports physiology, nutrition, sports performance seminars and articles, visual guides, fun fitness ideas and sideline choreography!


Cheerleading pom dance fitness & learn choreography routines! A fun, workout with pop music hits to shake your pompoms to!
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MISSION: CheerConditioning.Academy is committed to quality coaching education for the sport of cheerleading and beyond. Whether you are a recreational, sideline, school or all-star cheer team: our mission is to maximise your potential through quality education, cheer-specific sports performance, fitness and conditioning. #BodyBeforeSkill 

CheerConditioning.Academy is an independent entity and is not affiliated with Varsity Spirit, LLC or its products or services, including Cheerobics