In a sport where trophies, jackets, and rings speak louder than words; some can lose sight of what is most important; the athlete.

As coaches we have all been there: we get close to hitting the new stunt that will increase our difficulty score and give us a better chance to win.. FOR JACKETS! Then when we repeat the stunt a few times it all comes crashing down in a ball of flames, bruises, and tears.

Competition is a week away. Athletes, parents, administration and sometimes the whole community really wants that win… but we know it’s not consistently safe. What do we do?

It’s not an easy task being a coach. Representing an entire program and a community. Feeling the pressure from everyone for the team to succeed. From the outside, towering trophies and banners are the coaches reward - as well as having the opportunity to represent the team, gym, school or town name.

But is that a coach's job? To win at all costs?

No: winning CAN be the result of many factors aligning correctly.

Our job, is to align all these factors whilst taking care of our athletes.