Safeguarding: The Essential Steps to Keep Your Team Safe

A few months after CHEER! Netflix came out with another flipping hit-sensation documentary, this time following USA Gymnastics. Acrobatic sports are certainly making a wave on the world-popular streaming channel, but not always in a positive light. Athlete A was a sad, shocking wake-up call to the sporting community: that nothing like this should ever happen again in sports. If you haven't watched it yet - stop everything you're doing and watch it NOW! The bravery of these young gymnasts in coming forward so publicly has been critical in helping us understand that PREVENTION is key. To achieve this, we need a thorough procedure in place, including a robust Safeguarding Policy document which will be used as a basis for staff training and running our teams safely.

This document is vital, but what does is look like and what do we need to include? 

Our job as coaches and gym owners is to intentionally create a culture that makes everyone feel physically and emotionally safe: from children all the way to staff. We can do this by creating a clear Safeguarding Policy, staff training and open communication with our athletes and parents. 

Insuring this will help protect your athletes and staff, as w