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September and October have been an exciting month for CheerConditioning.Academy - as our USA launch was greeted with open arms by the American public, and specifically: Dr. Oz! For those that may not be familiar with the show, Dr. Oz Show is an Emmy Award–winning American talk show. Dr. Oz is himself a renowned cardiac surgeon, vice chair and professor of surgery at Columbia University, and director of the Cardiovascular Institute and Complementary Medicine Program at New York Presbyterian Hospital. He's written seven New York Times best sellers including and well as penning columns for AARP, Esquire, and O, The Oprah Magazine. He was The Oprah Winfrey Show's featured medical expert and has appeared as a guest several other television shows.

So you can imagine our delight for being invited on such a prestigious show! Ironically this all started late on Friday 13th when Jessica Zoo, founder of CheerConditioning.Academy , received a call from the Dr. Oz production team asking her if she would like to fly over to New York on the Wednesday and appear on the show to present. Having previously spoken to the production back in July as the producers had expressed an interest in the fitness programme, Jessica was extatic about this invitation, and despite the time and logistics constraints - she jumped straight on a plane for the Big Apple on the tuesday. So the adventure begins as Jessica gets on the plane and arrives to JFK where she is picked up by the production team and driven straight to her hotel - after a turbulent flight, little sleep and it being 3am on London Time - least to say Miss Zoo was reeling rather tired! But no rest for the wicked: Jessica was up at 6am for her car at 7:00, where she was promptly delivered to the Dr. Oz studios.

Upon arrival, Jessica was greeted with open arms by the production team and a group of 30 lovely ladies that had come on the show to try CHEER PRO Dance Fitness (previously known as Cheerobics) for the first time (no pressure, on National TV!) Once makeup and hair was completed, Jessica and her new-found 'Cheerios' were shown to the cafeteria room where they could practice the routine.. a scene that looked very much like it belonged in the Bring It On films!

The greatest thing of all was not only the enthusiasm from this awesome bunch of ladies - but HOW QUICKLY they learned the moves! It was incredible, and they were also surprised themselves with how easy it is to learn the moves and get fit with CheerConditioning.Academy! Now the next test was to teach the moves to the man himself: Dr. Oz!

Least to say, Dr. Oz took to him pompoms like a duck to water - with almost no practice time whatsoever, the famous doctor performed 4 exercises with natural aptitude: the Pic'n'mix, the Washing Machine, Exploding Chicken and Sexy Woodchopper. After interviewing Jessica about the benefits of CheerConditioning.Academy and why this fun new fitness programme can help women have fun, loose weight and fulfil their dreams (or revive the days) of being a cheerleader!

So it is least to say that the day was an incredible success, and that Jessica had an awesome time with the Dr. Oz crew (Jessica is pictured above with the producer of the show). Fast-forward one month ahead, and the show finally aired on the 17th of October, sweeping the nation with a new-found enthusiasm for cheerleading fitness! So folks will ask: how can WE get involved in all the CheerConditioning.Academy fun?