by Sammie Litten

If you’re reading this I hope you’ve already been preparing for the big weekend of what are the most terrifying, exciting, and nerve wracking few days of your life! Deciding to be a college cheerleader is a big decision and can impact your entire college career. Cheering in college has been one of the best experiences of my life, and my time as a University of Central Florida cheerleader was the best three years of my life. I’ve met friends that I’ll have for forever, I competed at UCA Nationals (and beat my former alma mater may I add) and even traveled across the pond to Ireland! I also got to be a role model and an ambassador to my University which is one of the most gratifying and fulfilling things you can do as a college student!

College cheer tryouts

College cheer has changed SO much in the last couple of years that I went through, and it’s becoming more and more competitive. My first little piece of advice is to decide whether you want to cheer at an NCA school, or a UCA school. I always saw the difference in them as NCA being more “all-star cheer” background and UCA is more “high school cheer” background. Both have a competitive aspect, both normally cheer at some sort of school sporting event, but they way they perform is a bit different. I was more of a high school cheerleader, pumping up a crowd at football games and cheering on the team down the court at basketball games. Hence how I ended up at a UCA school! Then you need to decide if you feel that all-girl is where you want to be or a co-ed team is for you. Both are totally awesome, but you just need to decipher what fits you the best!