As I sit here waiting for my very first WORLDS experience to begin, I am surrounded by crowds chanting for their country. This is a completely different experience from any other all-star cheerleading competition I have ever been to. It’s not about egos, it’s not about cheerlebrities, it’s not about gyms. It’s about country pride and showing the best we can be as a nation. The atmosphere is intoxicating, expectations running high, the vibe is unique: we’re together at this moment to watch and support what we love. CHEER.

Before I break into a verse of ‘Cumbaya’ - join me on my journey of cheer culture around the world, with the teams that struck me the most for their unique style of performance.

In alphabetical order:

AUSTRALIA - We always know to expect great things from Australia, and these girls did not disappoint. Australia always shows great technique, control and timing. This year they had an impeccable switch-up in their routine and they really sexed up the pyramid with some strong choreography. Overall, very nice form and a well deserved 3rd place ladies!