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Over the years of pouring over cheerleading Worlds news and cheer videos on Youtube, we have put together our collection of top cheerleading teams in the world. Each team was chosen by us using different styles and sets of criteria including style, technique, creativity and geographical location. Here is our list of Top Ten Cheerleading Teams, in no particular order (and in no way official!)

We are looking at adding more teams, so please comment at the bottom of the post nominating your favourite team, along with a link to a video and a short comment about why you think they deserve to be at the very top!

Top University Cheerleading Varsity Team - Kentucky University Cats

We love the Cats not just because they are regular winners of the A1 division of UCA, but because on top of being incredible athletes and such brilliant representatives of the more 'vintage' UCA Varsity style, these cats know how to have FUN and they have been consistently at the very top since the earli beginnings of competitive cheer. Have you SEEN their 1980s performance on ESPN? If you haven't do it NOW as you are missing out on a key passage of cheer history.. (and please can the Cats bring back the juggling and mascot stunting).

Top East Coast Senior Allstar Cheerleading Team - Cheer Extreme Senior Elite

We love Senior Elite for being such consistent athletes who push the boundaries of skill and STYLE. Cheer Extreme ladies have always been leaders when it somes to cheer fashion, not just in terms of their uniforms (which are always BEAUTUFUL) but also in choreography and creativity with stunts.

Top East Coast Senior Coed Allstar Cheerleading Team - Top Gun Jaguars

Top gun may not always be the cleanest or most consistent of all top teams, but they are by far the FIERCEST and MOST creative. They have no fear of experimentation and always bringing surprise elements to their routines (fabric leg flags anyone!?)

Top Southern Senior Coed Allstar Cheerleading Team - Cheer Athletics Wildcats

Cheer Athletics are record breakers: They have won a total of 70 National titles from the National Cheerleaders Association and have 32 medals from the USASF Worlds. The Wildcats team has won worlds International Open Coed 5 both in 2013 and 2014 and their team is known for their exceptional athleticism and fitness. Have you SEEN the abs on those Wildcats?

Top Asian Female Cheerleading Team - Team Japan

SERIOUSLY, watch their video and try not to hold your breath: it's not possible. Even though their technique and execution may not be absoutely perfect and overall styling can seem a little dated it is impossible not to be in awe of these Japanese ladies. The stunts they perform are beyond Level 6 (we have decided to name this level of cheer Level Asian..!) and it's great to see how cheerleaders all around the world are pushing the boundaries of cheer

Top West Coast Senior Coed Allstar Cheerleading Team - California Allstars SMOED

California Allstars are so awesome they have their own TV series and have claimed the entire SMOED division to be their own. You've got to love tough love to be part of this team: it's not a team that has much time for much else but gruelling training, but their trophies have proved that there is most definitely a method to the madness!

Top Competitive Pom Cheerleading Team - PACE Allstars

When anyone shows signs of Pompophobia (ie those who think poms are for sissies) we always like to show them a video from PACE. Not only they are incredible dancers with impeccable technique, timing and creativity, but their atholeticism is undeniable. Plus no males can pull pom off like the PACE boys do. Leaders of the Pom division, we bow to Thee, semi-Cheer Gods!

Best Competitive High Cheerleading Team - Hartland (taking over from Rochester)

We apologize. These ladies should not be part of this list because we even doubt that they are HUMAN. If you saw their predecessors, Rochester (who won 12 titles between 1994 and 2009 but sadly none after) they were even scarier. These team's precision and strength is out of this world, but you may be startled by their style (where is the music!?). This is down to the regulations of the Michigan High School Athletic Association. The MHSAA is an independent entitiy to the rest of the cheerleading world, who ranks the winner by 3 rounds: Cheer & Jumps, Tumble, and Stunt. See them below performing a gravity-defying round 3!

Top European Allstar Cheerleading Team - Unity Allstars

Unity Allstars have been leading the UK's competitive cheer scene for a number of years, and are at the forefront of bringing innovation and perfectioning to the UK and Europe. Their team, Unity Black has ranked amongst Top 5 and Top 6 at Cheerleading Worlds for International Coed 6 which makes them the highest European achievers when it comes to cheer. Their Senior 5 team, Ruby, is also gearing up to offer us some spectacular performances at Worlds after dazzling the UK cheerleading scene.

Top Asian Allstar Cheerleading Team - Bangkok University

This is one of our favourites team and possibly take the biscuit when it comes to top cheerleading teams in the world. They have been followed all of the world for their electric performances which have more energy than a whole team of Duracell bunnies - and they have had their share of hurdles after Thailand was hit by the Tsunami in 2014 and having to pull through after a number of years to make it all the way to Worlds in Florida. In 2014, Bangkok University took Gold at the USASF Worlds with a spectacular performance - but we still like watching their home-grown routines because we get to see some failry epic stunts that are too illegal for the USASF system!

Best Professional Cheerleaders - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

We could not forget the epic Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, who shaped an entire industry. Even thought this article is mainly aimed at the top cheerleading competitive teams - we have to honour these Southern Belles for insipiring so many other teams and being at the very top of the professional cheerleading pyramid since 1976. Plus, give them a pair of Nfinity shoes and you even get to see them performing some pretty sweet tumbles and stunts!

Top Southern Senior Allstar Cheerleading Team - Stingray Orange

Winners of the 2014 Cheerleading Worlds Senior Large, Stingray Orange show impeccable execution and technique, timing and control to DIE FOR. They are Fabulously Flawless and an inspiration to us all!

Top Junior/Youth Allstar Cheerleading Team - World Cup Twinkles

World Cup are an institiution of cheer: with the Shooting Stars being regular Top 3 teams at Worlds, their Twinkles Level 5 Youth team are just a bundle of utter Cheer Perfection! These young girls under 11 are such an inspiration they've even had a whole documentary dedicated to their journey.

Top Really Senior Cheerleading Team - Love Bears (Over 60s)

Ok, the "Really Senior" division does not exist - but after coming accross this video of a team of cheerleaders OVER 60 - YES, OVER 60!! We could not help to bow down and show our appreciation for those that believe that cheerleading has no ages and boundaries and that there is still hope for those that want to be cheering past their middle age. Go bears!

We are looking at adding more teams, so please comment below by nominating your favourite team, along with a link to a video and a short comment about why you think they deserve to be at the very top