by Coach Sahil M.

Male Cheerleader Lifts

It's no secret how far the sport of cheer has come in the last ten years. Every season, the boundaries of stunt difficulty, creativity, and execution get pushed further than we ever thought possible. But this boundary-pushing comes at a cost; higher physical demand on athletes. If you're a male cheerleader that aspires to compete at the international level, possessing elite strength is a necessity.

THE 2 "FLAVORS" OF STRENGTH; GENERAL AND SPECIFIC Think of general strength as an attribute that's achieved through tried and true methods. Great examples of this are body weight exercises and common weight lifting movements like the squat, dead lift, and bench press. Specific strength on the other hand develops attributes that are uniquely required to excel at a particular sport. For example, when building strength and conditioning programs for amateur MMA fighters or Brazilian Jujitsu practitioners, many of the traditional lifts and exercises are altered to make it more sport specific. Instead of making them do rows and pull downs using a normal bar or handle, rope attachments are used to increase grip strength, which is specific to their sport. Today I'll be revealing the top 3 lifts that will build the specific strength attributes which are needed to become an elite male cheerleader. Let's get to