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Cheerleading changes your life. It makes you fitter, braver and more flexible but it’s only when you’re with friends who don’t cheer that you realise it changes the way you see the world too:

1) When someone asks you who your favourite superhero is and you can only think of cheer teams..

2) It really, REALLY annoys you that this is an Olympic sport

But this is not. (YET)

3) When you're in front of a landmark...

...and you just HAVE to stunt

4) People gushing at wedding photos..

..but all you see is a perfectly good tumbling strip

5) You pull this face

every time someone asks you if you do this

6) When scary movies make you do this..

..but hearing the words FULL OUT make you do this

7) When your school friends talk about their hair extensions you're all like...

but your brain is thinking..

8) When you're out and your song comes on

9) This makes you want to cry

10) You know that after this

you're faced with THIS

11) Your expression when you watch the Victoria's Secret fashion show

..but when Worlds teams reveal their new uniforms

12) When outside it's like this..

..but all you want to wear is this

13) When someone says "there are cheerleaders on TV"

...and when you realise it's just sideline

14) People's reaction to when you say "I can't, I have cheer"

but you don't care because you get to do THIS instead