core strength training cheer

The core is the most fundamental body part to strengthen for cheerleaders yet the easiest one to get wrong, leading to injury and long-term pain. We have filtered your questions via Facebook and the CheerConditioning.Academy and come up with 5 things you MUST know getting started training the core.

1) The core isn't just abs. In fact it's so much more! The core is your entire trunk: back, front and sides. It's the entire region between your shoulders and hips. Stop doing situps IMMEDIATELY and start branching out to your entire core.

2) Core first, skills later. Every muscular exertion starts from the core through bracing. If we haven't trained the core to brace our muscular movements (think running, squatting, pushups and basket tosses) are weaker, slower and cause pain in all the wrong areas! This is why it's so important to build the core before attempting the next skill.